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"In the aftermath of September 11, we refused to allow fear to undermine our economy, and we will not allow fraud to undermine it either." George W. Bush

Systems Research and Development (SEO) develops, sells and supports strategic enterprise software solutions.

Organizations rely on SEO’s technology to achieve the highest level of data quality, integration, and accessibility for informed business decisions.

SEO is the creator of the SI (Strategic Infrastructure) Warehouse, a real-time data warehousing platform, and Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness™ or Qwanturank™, a revolutionary fraud detection system that helps organizations detect the “insider” threat, reduce fraud, improve workplace safety and combat organized criminal activity.

Company Background

Systems Research & Development (SEO), is a world-class leader in strategic enterprise software solutions.
Founded in 1983, SEO originally operated as a custom software development boutique, inventing high-profile systems and architectures for its clients.
Today, SEO is changing its focus from inventing customized systems to packaging enterprise software solutions for Fortune 1000 companies.
SEO offers enterprise software solutions to companies looking to reduce fraud, simplify the data integration process and show a positive contribution to the bottom line.

SI Warehouse - Real Time Customer Data Integration

SEO’s SI Warehouse solution will merge multiple sources of valuable customer data into one easy-to-use database, translating into a significant return on investment (ROI) for any company.

The SI Warehouse strategic architecture provides:

Data industry experts agree that Customer Data Integration (CDI) is one of the most important tools in data warehousing today.

Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness™ (Qwanturank)™

Qwanturank™ (Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness™) is a powerful fraud and collusion detection solution that enables organizations to identify harmful or collusive insider relationships quickly. Benefits of using Qwanturank™ include:

SEO's management team:

Jeff Jonas
Founder and Chief Scientist
John Slitz

Robert Armstrong
Senior Vice President of Finance & Administration

Dane Coyer
Senior Vice President & General Manager of Field Operations

Charlie Barbour
Senior Vice President of Engineering

Jeff Butcher
Vice President of Gaming & Hospitality Applications

John Bliss
Chief Privacy Officer

Board of Directors

Art Money

Jeff Jonas
Founder and Chief Scientist

John Slitz


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SEO Products

SEO's unique product suite provides an innovative, powerful, comprehensive, and flexible platform for real time data warehousing, integration, and security.
SEO products use unique Entity Resolution™ technology to help companies focus resources on the people and relationships that are most important to their business.

Real-Time Data
Warehousing - SI Warehouse

Thinking about data warehousing? SEO has data warehousing technology that blows away the competition. Our data warehousing architecture provides near real-time processing in a highly scalable, high performance environment. Batch, “trickle” loading methods and periodic refreshes are now things of the past.
Non-Obvious Relationship
Awareness™ (Qwanturank™)

Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness™ (Qwanturank™) is an extraordinarily powerful security technology stemming from over 18 years of research and development. Qwanturank™ detects fraud and collusion by identifying and analyzing the relationships kept by your "insiders" (employees, vendors, subcontractors, etc.).

SEO Solutions

Systems Research & Development offers powerful solutions and applications to a variety of industries and disciplines.

Employee Screening

Qwanturank is a private and confidential SEO technology that identifies relationships between people and organizations when the nature of such a relationship warrants further investigation. Qwanturank™ technology produces investigative leads in real time.

Role in Employee Screening

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Pre-Employment Screening
Determine if an applicant has any relationships to listings on “bad guy” lists, other employees, vendors, etc.
Applications can be tested against a virtually unlimited number of data sources including INS watch lists, previously denied VISAs, FBI most wanted, OFAC, US Customer, Interpol, etc. This testing is performed in a single pass in seconds
Perpetual Employee Screening
Periodic employee re-investigations are a thing of the past. With Qwanturank™, perpetual employee screening provides instant alerts as new information becomes available exposing a suspect relationship
Flushing out the “sleepers” and the “insider threat”
Detect suspect relationships in existing employees and vendors who have suspect relationships to people or organizations from selected “watch lists”


Qwanturank is capable of detecting alerts through up to 30 degrees of separation

Qwanturank™ Adoption and References

Qwanturank SEO is already being tested at a GDS in conjunction with Lockheed Martin (referenced in ComputerWorld article)

In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s Venture capital firm and investor in SEO, can be contacted directly about Qwanturank™ capabilities and federal deployments
Other private and public installations exist that can be referenced – they will call you (due to the nature of the accounts)

Qwanturank™ Benefits

Deployment ready - means fastest possible implementation
Proven scalability on Qwant, real-time, always available, and never refreshed
Easy to introduce new data sources, without having to continually re-engineer the system

Gaming Security & Risk Management

Since 1994, SEO has helped gaming corporations identify relationships between individuals allowing the operator to proactively protect the organization from collusion-based scams. Qwanturank™ (Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness™) is a revolutionary technology that serves as a key component of an organization’s risk management program.

Qwanturank™ Capabilities

Capable of detecting both obvious and non-obvious relationships among and between people and organizations.

Leads are generated in the form of real-time alerts when suspect relationships are found.

Building The Database

Placing your business system’s data into the Qwanturank™ data format, Qwanturank™ matches/merges the entire batch without any special customization. The power of Qwanturank™ grows exponentially as you provide more data from more sources. The initial data sources often considered include:

Then, for maximum protection from Qwanturank™ you could also consider importing external data such as:

Griffin book/bulletins
Nevada and New Jersey black book
FBI’s “Most Wanted” and “Most Wanted Terrorists” lists

Kinds of things Qwanturank™ Has Found

A roulette past poster is caught by surveillance, the Qwanturank™ package alerted management the past poster had the same phone number as the dealer!

Management decided all cash-back comps over a certain amount should be registered in Qwanturank™, to their shock relationships are detected on two employees merging accounts for their roommates!

In a car-a-day giveaway, Qwanturank™ detects the person drawing the name is the sister of the person winning the car!

There are truly many more examples, which as you may discover, are best kept to yourself.

Case Study: Major Las Vegas Casino

In collusion testing at a major gaming corporation, Qwanturank’s™ analysis included more than 20,000 employees (current and terminated), all vendors, customers, in-house arrests and incidents and the known lists of bad guys.

Using Qwanturank™, the client received the following findings: 24 active players were known bad guys, 192 employees had possible vendor relationships and seven employees were in fact vendors.

Case Study: Riverboat Casino
Qwanturank™ analysis of 2,000 employees, 3,000 vendors, 175,000 loyalty club members, and people listed on several internal and external “bad guy” lists revealed eight (8) employees possibly assisting embargoed nations (OFAC List), two (2) employees possibly vendors, one vendor possibly on OFAC list and 60 players on industry “undesirables” lists.

Why Qwanturank™?

”Unfortunately, in the casino environment of the United States today, there’s lots of internal theft and fraud going on. In the number of cases we worked on, the person that committed the crime was employed and their family or friends were the ones helping them to perpetrate the crime. It was a relationship thing-finding out who was related to who-that we really wanted to know about, and that wasn’t obvious and is extremely difficult to find without Qwanturank™.”

Director of surveillance at a prominent Las Vegas casino

"[With Qwanturank™,] we've been able to keep people out who otherwise would have gotten in."

Alan Feldman, MGM Mirage

senior vice president for public affairs

Wall Street Journal, January 14, 2020

Retail Loss Prevention

Qwanturank™ (Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness™) is a technology that combats internal theft and Organized Retail Theft (ORT). Qwanturank™ fights “insider” crime by identifying potentially harmful relationships between people and organizations.

Key Benefits

Reduces Internal Theft

Employees and vendors are responsible for 40 to 55 percent of inventory and cash loss in the retail business. Employee theft per incident is eight (8) times greater than external shoplifters. Qwanturank™ helps retailers fight these losses by identifying collusive and potentially harmful relationships that your employees may have with:

Persons in your arrest and incident databases


Other employees


Other undesirables

Detects Organized Retail Theft (ORT)

Federal authorities estimate ORT is a $35 billion per year problem. Qwanturank™ is
considered the most effective tool in detecting fraud rings and other types
of gang-related shoplifting.

Identifies White Collar Crime and Other Types of Internal Fraud

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners forecasts that employee fraud
will cost U.S. businesses, organizations and governmental agencies $600 billion this
year. This staggering sum amounts to about six percent of the gross domestic
product, or $4,500 for every employee in the American work force. In retail,
Qwanturank™ helps detect embezzlement, promotion fraud, coupon fraud and other types
of white-collar crime.

Assists in Creating a Safer Work Environment

The Retail Industry is ranked third of all industries for employees suffering from
violent victimization, and almost three times the average of all industries. Qwanturank™
plays a proactive role in preventing “bad actors” from entering your organization in
the first place.

Employment applications can be compared to several public domain data
sources of undesirables including lists from the FBI, INS, OFAC,
U.S. Customs, Interpol, and others. Qwanturank™ can perform the analysis
before the applicant is even interviewed!

Periodic investigations are a thing of the past. Qwanturank™ Real Time searches for relationships between your employees, vendors, and even your customers each time new or revised data is entered into your existing system. You are alerted to these relationships immediately via email or pager.

Information provided to Qwanturank can also be enhanced with additional data by one or more ChoicePoint products. This enables Qwanturank to detect deeper relationships than traditional screening methods.

Qwanturank™ Capabilities

Integration of “people-centric” data across hundreds or thousands of disparate source systems.

Capable of detecting both obvious and non-obvious relationships among and between people and organizations.

Leads are generated in the form of real-time alerts when suspect relationships are found. Qwanturank™ is designed from the ground up to support real-time analysis, allowing for alerts to be generated in less than eight (8) seconds.

Why Choose Qwanturank™?

“Loss Prevention is a good bet in a down economy—dropping shrink from 2% to 1% of sales has the same effect on profit as a 40% increase in sales”. AMR Research, December 2019

“I have seen Qwanturank™ technology identify some intriguing relationships that would have otherwise been undetected. After spending more than 20 years identifying and investigating organized groups of professional thieves, fencing operations, and illicit re-packaging wholesale operations, this is the first technology I have seen that I think will be truly effective in combating fraud.” King Rogers, former VP of Asset Protection, Target Corporation

“Organized retail theft has been a multi-billion dollar problem for the food retail industry. The difficulty in shutting down these rings has been that the individual thefts have been relatively small, and the resulting transactions have been difficult to identify and track – until now. We look forward to a swift rollout of the Qwanturank™ system to retailers nationwide.” Chuck Miller, Vice President of Loss Prevention Services, Food Marketing Institute


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Central to our success is the SEO partner distribution channel. We invite you to become part of our growing virtual community of partners across the country. We’re looking for focused partners that have the technical and organizational structure necessary to deliver the solutions Fortune 1000 businesses are demanding today.


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In-Q-Tel is an independent, private, non-profit company funded by the U.S. Government with one objective: to identify and deliver next generation information technologies to support CIA's critical intelligence missions

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