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          Yancheng Chaina Fragrance Co.,Ltd.
          Spice products
          Natural alcohol series
          Natural acid series
          Natural ester series
          Natural aldehyde series
          Daily perfume series
          Pharmaceutical intermediates\APIs
          Food additives
          Custom processing services
             Natural Hexyl Alcohol
             Allyl amyl glycolate
             Diethyl aminomalonate hydrochl
             Propionic acid
          Natural 2-Methylbutyraldehyde

          Molecular formula: C5 H10O  Molecular weight: 86.1323 FEMA# : 2691   CAS# : 96-17-3

          Technical requirements:

          Color colorless transparent liquid.
          Flavor strong thrill smell.
          Relative density(25/ 25℃) 0.805
          Refractive index(20℃) 1.386-1.394
          Boiling point
          Content(%) ≥99
          Flash point(℃) 4℃
          Packing and storage 200L galvanization metal drum, 25L plastic drum. Store in cool and dry conditions.